ƒeƒLƒXƒg ƒ{ƒbƒNƒX:  Katsushi IKEUCHI Ph.D

Sr. Principal Research Manager, Applied Robotics Research, Microsoft Corporation



Emeritus Professor, University of Tokyo









·       B Eng degree in Mechanical Engineering from Kyoto University in 1973

·       M Eng degree in Information Engineering from the University of Tokyo in 1975

·       Ph D degree in Information Engineering from the University of Tokyo in 1978.


After working at

·       Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology for three years,

·       Electrotechnical Laboratory, Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Japanese Government for five years,

·       Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University for ten years, and

·       Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo for nineteen years,

he joined Microsoft Research in 2015. During this tenure, he supervised more than fifty PhD students.


His community service includes:

·       general chair of IROS95, ITSC99, MVA00, IV01, ICCV05, ACCV07

·       program chair of CVPR96, MVA98, IV02, ICCV03, ICRA09, ICPR12, ICCV15

·       associate editor of IEEE Trans. RA, IEEE Trans. PAMI

·       a distinguished lecturer of IEEE Signal Processing Society in 2000-2002, IEEE Computer Society in 2004-2006 and Robotics and Automation Society in 2009-2010, and

·       the editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Computer Vision.

·       IEEE Robotics and Automation Society Adcom (1998-2004, 2006-2008), IEEE ITS Society BOG (2008-2012), IEEE Fellow Committee (2010-2012), 2nd VP of International Association of Pattern Recognition (2006-2008).

Through these research and society service, he was awarded a fellow from IEEE, IEICE, IPSJ and RSJ.


His research activities span computer vision, computer graphics, robotics, and intelligent transportation systems. In these research fields, he has received a dozen or so best paper awards, including

·       David Marr Prize in computational vision for the paper gShape from Interreflectionh,

·       IEEE Robotics and Automation Society K. S. Fu memorial best transaction paper award for the paper gToward Automatic Robot Instruction from Perception-Mapping Human Grasps to Manipulator Graspsh.

·       In addition, in 1992, his paper gNumerical Shape from Shading and Occluding Boundariesh was selected as one of the most influential papers to have appeared in the Artificial Intelligence Journal within the past 10 years.


He is the winner of

·       Distinguished Researcher Award from IEEE-PAMI, 

·       Medal of Honor with Purple Ribbon (Shiju-ho-syo) from Japanese Emperor

·       the Okawa award from Okawa foundation,

·       Funai Award from IPSJ.

Representative Publications

   Computer Vision



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