Invited speakers

Keynote talk

Roberto Scopigno
Italian National Research Council

Title: 3D Digitization - Publishing and analysing results on the web?


Digital technologies are now mature for producing high quality digital replicas of Cultural Heritage (CH) artefacts. The research results produced in the last decade have shown an impressive evolution and consolidation of the technologies for acquiring high-quality digital 3D models, encompassing both geometry and color (or, better, surface reflectance properties). Many applications require to share the models produced, to support the cooperative work of professionals or scholars. This is an emerging need in the CH community: results of digitisation should not remain of restricted use of the scholar or museum who commissioned the digitisation, but should be open to the large community of experts and practitioners. Therefore, the web is the ideal distribution and sharing context. But publishing on the web a complex 3D model was not easy until recently. The focus of the talk will be to show and discuss practical solutions for the easy publication on the web and visualisation of high-fidelity 3D models. The talk will show some practical examples where high-quality 3D models have been transformed in web-compliant format to be used in CH research, restoration and conservation.

Short bio:

Roberto Scopigno is a Research Director at CNR-ISTI and has 30 years of experience on 3D graphics (3D digitization, multi-resolution encoding, visualization, geometry processing) and on the application of visual technologies to the Cultural Heritage domain. He is author of more than 200 international papers, with Google Scholar h-index 46 and more than 10.000 citations. He is currently engaged in several EU and national research projects concerned with multiresolution data modeling and rendering, 3D digitization/scanning, scientific visualization, geometry processing, virtual reality and applications to Cultural Heritage. Roberto served in the Eurographics Association (served as General Chair in 2009-2010), was Chief Editors of international Journals (Computer Graphics Forum and ACM Journal of Computing and Cultural Heritage) and chaired several international events (Eurographics 1999, VAST 2005, Eurographics 2008, Digital Heritage 2015, CAA 2015). He is recipient of several awards, including the Eurographics Outstanding Technical Contribution Award (2008), the Tartessos Virtual Archeology Award (2011) and the Eurographics Distinguished Career Award (2014).

International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV 2017)
Venice, Italy